How to break a tie?

How to break a tie?

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"Hey Charch I'm wondering if you could weigh in on something. I have a league where two teams tied in Round 1 of the playoffs. Throughout the regular season ties were broken by bench points. There were 2 occasions where ties actually happened and winners were automatically determined by ESPN. The playoff tie however was determined by total season points which is also how playoff seeding was determined. ESPN advanced the higher seed in the tie. The commissioner justified changing the scoring to advance the lower seed stating regular season tiebreaker remains in the playoffs. It was never explicitly addressed at the draft. Should we advance the lower seed based on the regular season tiebreaker or the higher seed based on the settings that were applied on draft day & had more points overall????? Or is this simply a case for Judge Judy??? Any insight?" – Paul Charchian Facebook

It is every fantasy football owners worst nightmare. You work all season to get to the playoffs and just when payoff is in sight you are told you are done even though you didn't lose your matchup.

You tied, and your league doesn't have a tie breaker. During the regular season, a tie was exactly that. A sister kissing shot to the boiler.

Now what?

As a league, you have completely sent the plane into a nose dive and you aren't going to be able to pull out of it. Most likely, there will be owners who will be upset or devastated that their team is done and won't be back.

Here is what you should have done:

Playoff tie breaker:
1) Yards gained by starters (not kicker or defense)
2) Longest field goal

There are no bench points involved because to be frank, the bench point tie breaker might be the worst idea in the history of fantasy football next to a six point touchdown pass. It is easy and keeps the match up on the current week as opposed to season point totals or higher seed advancing.

If your league doesn't have a tie-breaker be sure to bring it up during your draft next season before you end up with a tie and things get ugly.

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