What happens when you just can't win?

What happens when you just can't win?

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In the ultimate fantasy nightmare, you find yourself winless after three weeks. Your significant other looks you square in the eyes and attempts to tell you it's only a silly game. Those words fall to the floor, crashing and shattering like your dreams of winning it all.

Only a game?

How could it have gone so wrong? You did your homework, thought you drafted the right team and through some sick, unfair twist of fate are the team everyone wants to play. Your team has become the punch line of the league, an after-thought if you will. But most likely, if you lose this week, there will be no postseason for your team.

Maybe you aren't the riverboat gambler and typically don't trade. You keep waiting for Chris Johnson to suddenly run further then the length of an average driveway and to figure out the definition of end zone. How about Dez Bryant or Marques Colston actually putting up anything other than four catches for 53 yards.

So the big question. Now what?

Don't trade to trade:

Yes, you want to shake your team up, but make sure you are getting value in return. Fellow owners are looking to take advantage of your desperate state and will try to get something for little or nothing. Keep your head and if you don't like the deal, counter or play the 80's saying, "just say no!"

I get asked tons of trade questions on Twitter, many don't give all the facts and ask is player ‘a' for player ‘b' a good deal. It is all about value. Do you believe that trading player ‘a' your team will be better? The key word is value.

Waiver wire:

Time to trim the fat on your roster. There are players who no doubt can be dropped for something better. Take advantage of your oh-for start and pick someone up that can help.

Change up your starters:

Ray Wegner responded to our question on Twitter about this subject and he may have put it best.

"Taking risks. Started Flacco over Vick this week. May have saved my season!"

We hope that is exactly what Ray needs to get his team jump started and his season saved.

Maybe the late Al Davis did have one point right. When it comes to fantasy football, there is only one thing that matters.

"Just win baby!"

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