Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger

Week Seventeen Analysis:
The once-stout Cleveland secondary has become a shell of its former self.  Granted, superstar corner Joe Haden is injured, but their woes predate his injury by a couple months. The Browns have allowed multiple passing touchdowns in 10 straight games. Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger has been good for multiple touchdowns in five of his last six games, including last week when he ran one in.   The Steelers still have a remote chance at a playoff spot, and I expect Roethlisberger to perform well, like everyone else against the Browns.

Week Sixteen Analysis:
Despite a quiet game last week, Ben Roethlisberger has been one of the best quarterbacks of the second half of the season. He's thrown multiple touchdowns in four of the last five games, and five of the last seven games. He's also topped 350 yards four times this year. Both of those measuring sticks are in play against the tepid Green Bay defense. The Packers have allowed multiple passing touchdowns in three straight games. And for the most part, all year, any quarterback in the top half of the league has walked away with a solid fantasy performance.

Week Twelve Analysis:
Charch moved Roethlisberger into the top 15 on Sunday November 24.

Week Eleven Analysis:
Ben Roethlisberger has thrown exactly one touchdown in seven of nine games. That includes some lousy secondaries like Buffalo, Oakland, and Minnesota. That doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in a big game. Fortunately, the Lions have allowed multiple touchdown passes in four straight, and five of the last six game. So, Roethlisberger feels like a better start this week than usual. But, buyer beware. We've been fooled by his prospects before.

Week Ten Analysis:

I definitely didn't see Ben Roethlisberger's explosive game coming last week against a good New England pass defense. And I didn't see the Bills' porous secondary shutting out Alex Smith. I'm not going to be caught off guard this week. I fully expect another big game from Roethlisberger, who has a nice track record against wobbly defenses. And, I expect a regression to the mean for the Bills. I like that the Bills secondary is healthier than previous versions, but it's still allowed 11 touchdowns in the last four games, and 20 on the season, the worst in the league. What's more, in the Bills' last two away games, Drew Brees and Ryan Tannehill combined for eight touchdowns.

Week Eight Analysis:

Most weeks, you'd be glad to have avoided Ben Roethlisberger. He's thrown one touchdown in every game but one. He's topped 264 yards only twice. He continues to play behind a leaky offensive line that doesn't give him much time to find receivers. And, he's getting sacked plenty, as always. His opponent this week, Oakland, has a better secondary than I expected. Meaning, they're mediocre when I expected awful. Good quarterbacks, like Rivers, Manning, and Luck, are posting solid days against the Raiders. Shakier passers, like Henne, RG3 and Smith aren't. Roethlisberger, frankly, is closer to the latter group, and those guys averaged 0.66 touchdowns and 198 yards.

Week Four Analysis:

Even with all its personnel intact, the Vikings secondary had been a wreck all season without Antoine Winfield, allowing 323 yards and 2.7 touchdowns per game. Now, add in three secondary injuries from last week's game, and a week with travel to England, and the sky is the limit for Ben Roethlisberger. Last week, the Vikings failed to contain Browns third stringer Brian Hoyer as he threw for 320 yards and three touchdowns in the first meaningful start of his career. The Steelers can't run the ball, and the Vikings remain fairly stout against the run anyway. So, it's going to be bombs away for Roethlisberger as he throws throughout the game, and ends up with a potentially monstrous stat line.


Long time FantasyVictory-ers know that I respect Ben Roethlisberger as a quarterback, but I'm wary of him as a fantasy producer. Last year, he played hurt throughout much of the year, and posted middling fantasy numbers most of the year anyway. Over the past five years, he's averaged a lousy 21 touchdowns per year. And, he doesn't chip in rushing touchdowns any more either. With the loss of Mike Wallace, Ben's receivers just aren't proven playmakers. Starters Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders are both entering their fourth year while averaging two touchdowns per year. Ben is down to an insurance policy starter.

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