Week 7 Running Back Rankings

Words by Jonnie Carlyle; Rankings by Paul Charchian

1. Devonta Freeman at Tennessee - 10
Devonta Freeman has nine rushing touchdowns this season. You know who’s second in the NFL in rushing touchdowns? The Steelers, Cardinals, Saints and Bengals are all tied with seven. That’s right; Freeman has more rushing touchdowns by himself than 31 other teams. He’s one of two backs with 500+ rushing yards and the only one with at least 40 targets and 30 catches in the passing game. Take away Freeman’s nine rushing touchdowns and he’s still the number one back in PPR and the number two in standard. And all those numbers, those were compiled against what is to be considered the tougher part of his schedule. Wowza. As if Freeman needed any help, he draws the Titans in Week 7. When not facing Buffalo’s troupe of practice squaders, Tennessee has given up 4.7 yards per carry and four rushing touchdowns to the position, and starting nose tackle Sammie Hill could miss another game.

2. Todd Gurley vs. Cleveland – 9.75
A bit like sneaking an ammonia-bleach concoction into your worst enemy’s sleep apnea machine; a Todd Gurley-Cleveland Browns brew should put your Week 7 opponents to (a slightly less permanent) sleep, too. Since taking over the St. Louis backfield, all Gurley has done is rush for 305 yards, on 6.2 yards per tote whilst getting 89% of the carries. Gurley has more 20+ yard runs than Matt Forte, Chris Ivory, Jamaal Charles (RIP), Carlos Hyde and Devonta Freeman. And Gurley has compiled them in just two games. #HeGood. Meanwhile, the Browns are the only team to give up at least 800 rushing yards (just 13 yards short of being the only team to surrender 900 rushing yards) and only one of two teams to give up at least five yards per carry. Despite facing just two backs in the top 12 in terms of rushing yards, the Browns have allowed a back to rush for at least 91 yards in 5 of their 6 games. #TheyAintGood.

3. Arian Foster at Miami – 9.5
The Jason Voorhees of the NFL, Arian Foster is that running back we all seem to think is dead (and what man wouldn’t be after numerous groin tears?). And yet, before the credits have a chance to roll, Foster is sitting up in the background ready to chainsaw, corkscrew and slice his way through whatever unlucky defense he crosses paths with. The Dolphins are like the confused bikini-clad bombshell with absent father issues who doesn’t know whether to run from the masked madman or take a selfie with it. They look really good on the surface, with their Ndamukong Suhs bouncing all over the screen in slow motion for an extended period of time but sadly we all know it doesn’t last. When not facing Jacksonville or Tennessee, the Dolphins have given up at least 100 yards rushing each game, including three runs of at least 20 yards and at least one touchdown in two of three. Foster hasn’t quite hit top speed in the running game, but that hasn’t prevented him from hitting 100 combo yards in two straight and has only been out-touched in the last two weeks by Devonta Freeman.

4. Adrian Peterson at Detroit – 9.5
Here’s one for you stat nerds out there: In Adrian Peterson’s nine-year career he’s had three games, of less than 2.5 yards per carry on 20+ carries. Whoa. Last week's 20-62 was one of them. Of course, I am not sure that has much bearing on Week 7’s outlook, as Peterson draws a Detroit defense he’s already gone full Robocop on in 2015 in Week 2 to the tune of 192 total yards (and had one touchdown called back). The Lions have given up at least one rushing touchdown in every week but one, including five from inside the two-yard line and could very well be without anchor defensive tackle Haloti Ngata. Immensely important to Detroit’s interior defensive line, especially at the goal line, Ngata helped keep Peterson out of the end zone in Week 2 on his three attempts from inside the five-yard line and was not on the field for three of the aforementioned five touchdowns the Lions allowed from inside the two-yard line. The Vikings offensive line is struggling, but they've found a defensive line even worse.

5. Frank Gore vs. New Orleans – 9.5
I am not sure I fully understand Gore’s usage in Indy, especially considering the state of Andrew Luck’s shoulder and his shoddy decision-making. But after witnessing the worst fake punt in American football history are we really surprised by their questionable decision-making? Maybe they figured the only thing they could beat New England to was the embarrassment punch and decided sometimes the moral victory would be worth it. You could even see on Bill Belichick’s face he was no longer interested in running up the score because nothing would top that tomfoolery. Gore has done his part, performing at a top 10 level in both rushing yards and touchdowns and that’s despite 46 yards being wiped out via penalty and two fumbles at the goal line. Gore has his best yards per carry mark since 2012 and has already amassed four runs of at least 20 yards (just one fewer than all of last season). The matchup is nice as well, as the Saints come to town having given up five touchdowns to the position in the last three weeks and 5.7 yards per carry during that same stretch. And in their last 21 games away from the Superdome, New Orleans has surrendered 16 rushing touchdowns.

6. LeVeon Bell at Kansas City – 9.25
I am trying to decide what is more improbable, Bell’s line from Week 6 or the way his Spartans slayed the insufferable Jim Harbaugh’s Wolverines on Saturday in Ann Arbor. I think it’s probably safe to say both are likely not to happen again for a very long time as we have to look all the way back to Week 10 of 2014 to see a week in which Bell didn’t put together at least 100 combo yards and/or a touchdown. Even crazier, we have to go all the way back to 2012 when he was running the ball for Sparty to find a game in which he didn’t have at least one reception. Someone alert the authorities, Mike Vick’s now murdering fantasy production, too (I feel you, Antonio Brown owners). There does appear to be some good news on the horizon, however, as Big Ben is itching to return and Vick likely out. Putting Vick on the bench is addition by subtraction.  Once Landry Jones took over at quarterback, Bell had a respectable 9-50 line and picked up all four of his red zone touches. The Chiefs are likely to be one of Bell’s toughest matchups. They just dominated Adrian Peterson.But the comparable Matt Forte totaled 109 yards and a receiving touchdown in Week 5.

7. Chris Ivory at New England – 9.25
“I am buying the overhaul of this New York offense.”

-Some super smart guy (probably)

Okay, so maybe that was me (toot toot) in Week 1, but hot damn if I didn’t hit this nail right on the (Peyton Manning-sized fore)head. [Charch - "Cool it, Carlyle. There's only room for one guy to peacock over #BeastEast on this staff.] Ivory has been fantastic when his leg muscle fibers haven’t played the part of string cheese, with the 3rd most rushing yards despite playing in just four games. In fact, Ivory is the only back in the top 10 for yards that hasn’t played in at least five games. Ivory has 17 touches inside the red zone while no other player on the Jets has more than 3. And Ivory is reaching the end zone on 36% of his carries inside the 10. Sure the Pats may be on a payback tour, but that hasn’t really translated on the defensive side of the ball. Without Vince Wilfork in the middle of the defensive line, they’ve allowed at least six yards per carry in three of five games and could be without linebacker Dont’a Hightower. Historically, Ivory has been tough for New England to handle too. In the past two seasons, Ivory has surpassed the century mark in both instances of receiving at least 20 carries and averaged 4.6 yards per carry when he’s been below that carry threshold. 

8. Latavius Murray vs. San Diego – 9.25
I may be no doctor and have zero medical training, but if I were to provide a prescription to Latavius Murray for his ailing shoulder it’d consist of two things and neither would fit into a pill bottle. First and foremost, Murray needs a matchup against a defense that has surrendered the 2nd most rushing yards, the 3rd most rushing touchdowns, the 8th most catches, the 5th most receiving yards, the most receiving touchdowns and the only team to surrender double-digit runs of 20+ yards. Specific I know, but a guy playing a medical professional can never be too careful. Well, would you look at that; the Chargers appear to perfectly fit that description. Murray should get the Chargers mostly to himself too, as he’s handled 76% of Oakland’s carries and is third on the team in both targets and catches despite sharing a backfield with pass-catching specialists Roy Helu and Marcel Reece. Murray is also the only back on the team with more than three touches in the red zone, pacing the group with a healthy 14 carries. San Diego has faced two other backfield dominators in Adrian Peterson and LeVeon Bell and those two went off to the tune of 20-126-2 and 21-111-1, respectively.

Oh, and I almost forgot that second thing I’d prescribe to Murray. More cowbell. Sure it’s not football related, but anything more than what San Diego is going to provide would just be overkill.

9. Mark Ingram at Indianapolis - 9
You just keep throwing your starting lineup beads at the overly inebriated Mark Ingram and he’s just going to keep giving you the goods. It may not always be the coed goods you initially sought (say, Devonta Freeman's), but given the cost of beads, the return has been more than expected. Through six games Ingram has at least 100 combo yards and/or a touchdown in five of them, has caught at least two passes in all six and has five straight games of at least one carry inside the opponent’s 10-yard line. The Indy rush defense can’t seem to make up their mind on what they want to prevent as they have struggled to either keep the opposition out of the end zone. They allowed four touchdowns allowed in the first three weeks, then giving up with 100 combo yards in each of the next three weeks.

10. Doug Martin at Washington – 8.75
There was a time we thought, ‘Gee, this Washington rush defense may be something.’ Two games later and we’re looking back at Joe Philbin’s Lamar Miller, Gurley-less St. Louis, the Giants dwarf-like rushing attack and Philly’s train wreck and doing our best Eli Manning post-interception face. Washington’s rush defense in 2015:

Weeks 1-4: 70-236-1

Weeks 5-6: 66-346-2

Granted, the last two weeks have been against two of the top three fantasy backs, but it’s not like they’re getting chopped liver in Week 7.

Doug Martin has lit the stat book on fire in his last two games. Only Devonta Freeman had more yards in Weeks 4 and 5 and no one had more touchdowns than Martin. The competition was something fierce too, as the Hamster (sorry Dougie, I think it’s here to stay) sits as the lone opposing running back to rush for at least 100 yards against the Panthers or the Jaguars (yes, those same Jaguars colleague Jim Ayello and I have been trumpeting as one of the league’s better rush defenses for quite some time). That’s something Marshawn Lynch, Mark Ingram, LeGarrette Blount, Frank Gore and Arian Foster cannot say.

11. LeSean McCoy vs. Jacksonville – 8.75
Is it enough to say LeSean McCoy is literally all the Bills have left on the offensive side of the ball? Their backup running back is a guy they signed two weeks ago, their 3rd and 4th wide receivers are now their 1st and 2nd and their mobile quarterback has a 2-4 week knee injury that he’s trying to come back from in two weeks. And like I (and my boy Jim Ayello) have said for weeks, I hate this matchup for McCoy running the ball, especially when you consider starting right tackle Seantrel Henderson suffered a concussion in Week 6. However, as I have also said before, where an offense can attack the Jaguars and expect plenty of success is out of the backfield. Jacksonville has allowed at least one back to catch four passes in five of six weeks and have allowed one receiving touchdown to the position the last two weeks. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman has been spectacular utilizing Buffalo’s strengths in 2015, so don’t be surprised if McCoy nets near double-digit catches in Week 7 as it’ll help alleviate the pressure for an ailing Tyrod Taylor (or a (f)ailing EJ Manuel if he gets the nod). Taylor has completed 18 passes to his running backs in five starts and that was before losing Sammy Watkins, Percy Harvin and Karlos Williams all at the same time.

Also, I just wanted to send another apology to the good folks in London. How bad is this week’s tilt? It’s being broadcast in the States via web only by way of Yahoo after they outbid AOL, Netscape and AskJeeves for the rights.

12. Lamar Miller vs. Houston – 8.75
If I could somehow get my hands on a few billion dollars and buy myself a franchise, the first thing I would do is hire Joe Philbin to be the head coach. And then I would immediately fire him for the way he utilized, or didn’t for that matter, Lamar Miller. In the Dolphins first four drives in Week 6, Miller had 12 touches for 95 yards and a touchdown. Or as Philbin likes to call it, too many touches for an entire game. Easily his best game of the season, last week Miller doubled his runs of 10+ yards and notched his first two carries of 20+ yards. Sure it was the Titans, but only one other back had rushed for more than 52 yards prior to Miller’s outburst. The Texans are supposed to be good, but haven’t looked the part outside of Week 6’s snail crawl with Toby Gerhart. Houston has surrendered 100 combo yards and/or a touchdown in four of five games (no way are we considering a TJ Yeldon-less Jaguar team a real opponent) and likely will be without Jadaveon Clowney in Week 7.

13. Justin Forsett at Arizona – 8.5
Hey Delaware Joe, give the ball to Justin Forsett. And then give it to him again. Am I ready to be on the Baltimore coaching staff yet? I kid, but only slightly as it inexplicably took the Ravens three games to realize they needed to get the ball into the hands of their best player as frequently as possible. Since Week 4, no back has more rushing attempts than Forsett’s 67 and no back has rushed for more than his 333 yards. Things may get a bit more difficult on the ground in Week 7, as Forsett faces a Cardinal defense that’s giving up only 79 yards rushing per game on just 3.7 yards per carry. However, Arizona may struggle to cover the shifty back in the flats as four running backs have caught at least four passes against the Cardinals, with all of them totaling at least 44 receiving yards. Don’t look now, but Forsett has at least four catches in five of six and two straight games with at least 39 yards receiving. See folks, being an NFL coach is easy.

14. LeGarrette Blount vs. New York Jets – 7.75
Yes, LeGarrette Blount has five touchdowns in his last three games and yes he has three straight games with at least 74 yards, but trust me folks when I say you want to promptly run as far away from Blount as possible in Week 7. Ignoring all the robust numbers I just laid out, Blount owners have to remember (and it should be easy) how dominant this Jet rush defense is. New York is the only team to give up less than three yards per carry, with the next closest team giving up more than a half-yard more per carry. Of the nine running backs that have received at least five carries against the Jets, only two of them have more than 26 yards rushing. Sheldon Richardson returned in Week 6, as if they needed him, and it’s looking likely that New England could be on their 3rd string left tackle in Week 7 too. Historically, the Jets have been a nightmare for Blount too, as he’s netted just 15 yards on 10 career carries against New York.

15. Marshawn Lynch at San Francisco – 8.25
Hey great news everybody, Marshawn Lynch made it through the game in Week 6 without any setbacks and did so while handling 17 of the 18 Seattle rushing attempts! Beast Mode is back, right?! Eh, maybe not. Still stuck behind an offensive line that is only slightly better than what I’ve been coaching at my local middle school and moving as you’d expect a guy filled to the brim with Skittles to move, with the only differences being Lynch doesn’t live in his parent’s basement and isn’t a part of an online guild; Lynch struggled to muster much production in a game script that was tailor made for his skillset. He’s has only had one game where’s averaged more than 3.2 yards per carry (whereas backup Thomas Rawls has already two games of at least 6 yards per carry) and averaged just 1 yard per carry inside the red zone after three straight seasons of at least 2.4 yards. Since joining the Seahawks in 2011, Lynch has just one career touchdown playing the 49ers in San Francisco. The short week is also a concern, especially for an aging back that’s recovering from a litany of health issues. Though the 49ers are no longer the defensive juggernaut they once were, they’ve at least semi-resembled that at Levi’s Stadium in 2015. No back has rushed for more than 90 yards, and the position as a whole is averaging less than 4 yards per carry. San Francisco has only allowed one rushing touchdown at home despite facing Adrian Peterson, Eddy Lacy and Justin Forsett. 

16. Danny Woodhead vs. Oakland – 8.25
Danny Woodhead strikes me as a do-your-job, no-nonsense kind of guy, so in his honor I’ll follow suit. Woodhead leads all running backs in receiving yards, has 12 red zone touches to Melvin Gordon’s 3 and could be in line for the majority of the backfield touches if Gordon’s bum ankle keeps him out in Week 7. The Raiders have faced comparable (excellent pass catchers) players in Gio Bernard, Justin Forsett, Duke Johnson and Matt Forte and all of them caught at least four passes, which Woodhead has matched or eclipsed in five of six contests.

17. DeMarco Murray at Carolina – 8.25
“Back he is?”
-Yoda, from the part of the “Star Wars” trailer we didn’t see on halftime of the Monday Night game

Truth be told, after two straight weeks of solid production and I am still not sure what to think of DeMarco Murray going forward. The 1st half looked like more of the same from Murray, with 60% of his carries residing somewhere in the negative to three yards spectrum. Going into to Week 6’s game, you know what percentage of Murray’s yards fell into that same spectrum? 60%. Things looked dramatically different in the 2nd half, however, as the Giants were unable to sustain any drive and the Eagles simply wore them down, albeit with Murray leading the way. He tripled his runs of 10+ yards for the season and likely missed out on an even bigger night as he chose to go down untouched late with the game well at hand, twice. Surely the Panthers will play more soundly than whatever you’d call what the Giants played in Week 6, but it’s also fair to assume Sam Bradford won’t kill so many promising drives with ‘well, I guess I’m throwing it here’ pre-snap reads. Carolina has been one of the league’s best rush defenses through six weeks having allowed the second fewest yards and just 3.6 yards per carry, but you know was giving up even less yards per carry prior to Week 6? The Giants. If it seems like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth, well, it’s because I am.

Here’s what you can bank on Murray owners: the last two weeks Murray has handled 65% of the touches in the Eagle backfield, 56% of the red zone touches and is the only one of the trio to get double-digit carries (three times) when all three backs have been active. The Panthers, though stingy, have allowed 4 rushing touchdowns in their last 3 games and 16 catches to opposing running backs in their last 2.

Enough that is? When you can answer that, you’ll be ready young Padawans.

18. Chris Johnson vs. Baltimore – 8.0
He's not a guy I necessarily want on any of my teams as he always seems to be on the verge of going down if it means avoiding contact, but it’s hard to argue with Chris Johnson’s production since assuming the lead role in Arizona. Since Andre Ellington's injury, Johnson has handled 77% of the carries in four of five games with the lone outlier being the demolishing of the Lions in Week 5 and averaged 93 total yards per game with at least 5 yards per carry in 3 of his starts. Johnson may face his stiffest test yet, however, as Baltimore presents problems to his potential production. Only LeVeon Bell has rushed for more than 65 yards against the Ravens and though Baltimore has struggled covering pass-catching backs, that isn’t Johnson’s role. Furthermore, why would any team run on Baltimore when it’s so much easier to throw? They’ve given up the 5th most passing yards and touchdowns, which should be music to the ears of an Arizona offense that’s thrown the ball 56% of the time.

19. Jonathan Stewart vs. Philadelphia – 8.0
What’s up Ryen and the Diesel, love the show!

First time, long time! Just wanted to drop a quick ‘BIG UPS ’ to my boy J Stew. I know owners benched you weeks ago due to your atrocious performance thus far, but you showed them when finally found the end zone all the way from the one-yard line. Those shorties are hard to come by when you’ve only had two carries inside the opponent’s 10-yard line prior to last week.  I know it’s been tough, too, to muster much more than 3.8 yards per carry this season despite facing 4 teams in the top 13 in terms of most rushing yards allowed and fewer 20+-yard runs than Blake Bortles, but such is the life of a 28-year old running back playing along the likes of Ted Ginn, Philly/Corey/he should get one name Brown and Devin Funchess. Week 7 figures to be another doozy, as the Eagles’ goal line virginity will be just another notch on your belt come Sunday night, amirite! Sure only Tevin Coleman has managed to rush for more than 63 yards against these bums, but heh, that guy isn’t even good enough to start for his own team so you shouldn’t be concerned is the least bit.

The Panthers are going undefeated, no one can stop us and if you don’t think I’m serious, just check out the killer new tat I got on my right arm!

I’ll hang up and listen to your response!

20. Rashad Jennings vs. Dallas - 8
I am not sure the Giants have any idea what to do with their backfield (despite it being painfully clear to everyone outside the team), but if the past two weeks are any inclination Rashad Jennings appears to be who they feel best about giving the football to. Jennings has posted double-digit carries in consecutive weeks, with neither of the other backs receiving more than five carries. And if we had continuing concerns about the Jennings fumble in Week 6, given Coughlin’s history (RIP David Wilson), it is worth noting he still out-touched the other two post-fumble. Jennings has also handled the majority of the red zone work, getting more touches than the other two combined. Dallas looked like a capable run defense early on, but since Week 3 they've disintegrated into little more than the paper signs high school football players run through every Friday night before kickoff all across Texas. Of the seven backs to receive touches against the Cowboys in their last three games, all but one have had at least 74 yards and/or a touchdown. During that same stretch Dallas has surrendered 15 plays of at least 10 yards and 3 of at least 20 yards to the position. Paper. Signs.

21. Carlos Hyde vs. Seattle – 7.75
Sorry Carlos Hyde owners, but this is the bed you’ve made and now you likely have no choice but to sleep in it. He has all the makings of a running back you want to avoid this week, but likely have no choice but to start due to cost and bye weeks. There’s the foot injury that clearly bothered Hyde in Week 6 going into a short week against a hated rival that’s allowed just two rushing touchdowns (both coming from the one-yard line) and only one to a 49er running back since 2012. You still there Hyde owners, cause we’re not done yet. The San Francisco back only has one game with more than 55 yards since Week 1 and just 12 carries inside the red zone (after 5 in Week 1) during that same stretch. If Vegas have any inclination (and they always do), their 49er team total is a league-wide low for Week 7. Have we beaten this dead horse enough yet or can we move along?

22. Dion Lewis vs. New York Jets – OUT
Everyone good a look at Week 6? Good, because that is what we like to call Dion Lewis’ floor. With the game very much still competitive, Lewis handled 69% of the first half snaps and was still above 60% by the time the Patriots pulled away in the 4th quarter. Translation: game plan/script mean plenty in New England, and they know who their best back is. And if you think LeGarrette Blount approaches anywhere near the 34 carries he’s had in the last two games, you might just want to put the blunt down. The Patriots may be on their 3rd left tackle in two games after Nate Solder fill-in Marcus Cannon couldn’t finish the game in Week 6. That’s bad news when facing a team that’s allowing less than 60 rushing yards per game, including four games without stud defensive tackle and NASCAR enthusiast Sheldon Richardson who’s now back after parking his car, albeit in his own garage this time, after serving a four-game suspension. New England will attack the Jets just like they do every other stout rush defense (see: Buffalo, Week 2) with a quick passing attack. Lewis has had only one game in 2015 with less than 100 combo yards and/or a touchdown and has had at least five targets in all five games. Every back the Jets have faced who have received five targets have caught at least four and none of those dudes are as talented as Lewis.

23. Theo Riddick vs. Minnesota – 7.75
Sometimes when you’re starving you’ve got to scrape the bottom of the barrel and let’s be honest, you could have worse options than Theo Riddick. He’s got just one fewer game of 10 targets than Calvin Johnson (you’re dumb Joe Lombardi), one less catch and just one less red zone target (you’re really, really dumb Lombardi). Riddick has more 20+-yard plays than Jordan Matthews and more touchdowns than Mike Evans. Like I said, things could be worse. Of course, Riddick could see a boon in his carries in Week 7 too, as Ameer Abdullah has three fumbles in the last two games and Joique Bell may or may not be an actual marble statue. In his Week 2 meeting with Minnesota, the Vikings didn’t seem to have much answer for Riddick either, allowing him to catch five of his six targets which would make for the 2nd time in three career meetings the scat back has caught five passes in a game against the Vikings.

24. Ameer Abdullah vs. Minnesota – 7.75
25. Charles Sims vs. Washington – 7.75
26. Charcandrick West vs. Pittsburgh – 7.75
27. Shane Vereen vs. Dallas – 7.5
28. Alfred Morris (if Chris Thompson/Matt Jones are out) vs. Tampa Bay – 7.5
29. Andre Ellington vs. Baltimore – 7.25

30a. Christine Michael at New York Giants – 7.75
All aboard!!!! There are only two options for the Christine Michael hype-train once it leaves the station in Week 7:
1) All the Michael fanboys play the part of Leo Dicaprio in “Titanic” in the first half the movie; snatching their ticket aboard the most incredible vessel the NFL world has ever seen with guaranteed passage to the fantasy promise land.
2) All the Michael fanboys play the part of Leo Dicaprio in “Titanic” in the latter half of the movie; watching in horror as the USS Christine snaps in two, unable to bear the tremendous weight of a million fantasy football dreams and leaves a trail of destroyed, disfigured and likely overweight bodies as it sinks to bottom of the ocean of what could’ve been.

Admittedly, the Giants are not the ideal matchup for Michael to make his starting debut but they aren’t the other team from New Jersey either. The Giants have given up at least 93 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown in two straight weeks, watching as their yards per carry allowed rose from 3.4 to 3.8 in the process against two teams that have struggled mightily to run the ball for large chunks of the season. Michael obviously doesn’t have the proven pedigree either, though he does carry a career 4.9 yards per carry mark, as we’ve never seen him with more than nine carries in any game that wasn’t already wrapped up. But we do know he possesses a tremendous and special skillset that Joseph Randle and a now 28 going on 58-year old Darren McFadden could only dream about and will be running behind arguably the best offensive line in the NFL. And a Michael start/getting majority of the work in Week 7 is just speculation at this point. However, the writing seems to be on the wall. The coaching staff has reportedly been unimpressed with Randle’s antics and lack of production. We’re also hearing things like “It’s time to take the reins off [Michael]” and “he probably has a bit more power...we’ve got to take advantage of that”. Plus isn’t believing in Michael just more fun?

I’ve got my ticket, do you have yours? CHOO CHOO!!!

30b. Matt Jones vs TB
31. Joseph Randle at New York Giants - 7.25
32. Antonio Andrews vs. Atlanta – 7.25
33. Ryan Mathews at Carolina – 7.5
34. Darren Sproles at Carolina – 7.5
. Melvin Gordon vs. Oakland – 7.75
36. TJ Yeldon vs. Buffalo – 7.5
37. Dexter McCluster vs Atl – 7.5
38. Knile Davis vs Pittsburgh – 7.25
39. Joique Bell vs Min – 7.25
Darren McFadden at New York Giants – 7.25
41. Tevin Coleman at Tennessee – 7.0


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