Paul Charchian's Top Drops - Week 14

Matt Ryan – Matt Ryan faces Carolina in two of the next three games, making him an almost impossible start in those weeks.  After all, he just went belly up against Tampa’s lackluster defense.  He’s got a great matchup with Jacksonville in Week 15, but that’s the only reason to keep him on roster.

Stefon Diggs – Diggs is an amazing talent, tragically, stuck with a quarterback who simply cannot deliver him the ball. It doesn’t help that the Vikings throw the fewest passes in the league.  And, three of his last four matchups are negative, including this week against Arizona.

Kyle Rudolph – See also, Stefon Diggs, above.  Rudy didn’t get any action in a favorable home matchup with Seattle last week.  I’ll also note that Rudolph’s only has one favorable tight end matchup left, against the Giants in Week 16. You can drop him now, and re-add him before kickoff of that game, if you still want him at that time.

Giants RBs – Here’s my every-week exhortation to dump all of the Giants runners. None of the four are performing well, and their split usage makes them all incredibly unreliable fantasy plays. Andre Williams might be the league’s worst goal line back.

Tavon Austin – Tavon Austin has been a nice fantasy find, but the Rams offense is deeply flawed, failing to score more than 13 points in four straight games. He’ll likely have Case Keenum under center on Sunday, and that’s no help either. 

Alfred Blue – I’d like to think that Bill O’Brien has come to his senses, and benched Alfred Blue’s awful ass.  He got just four carries last week, managing just 14 yards with those carries. Chris Polk, who isn’t much better, got 14 carries. 

Philip Rivers – I’m a huge Philip Rivers fan, but there’s only so much the guy can do when he’s missing most of his offensive line and his No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 receivers.  He’s got a tough matchup this week with the dramatically improved Chiefs secondary. And if Justin Houston returns to action, I’m worried that Rivers might die on the field. He’s got one favorable matchup on the schedule, Week 15 against Miami.  If you’re not going to start him then, you can safely drop him.

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