Paul Charchian's Top Adds - Week 6

QBs to Add

Blake Bortles – There's a chance, someday, we'll look back at Blake Bortles' career and say, "that game against the Bucs in '15 was the turning point."  There's also a chance we'll look back at this game and say, "Man, did the 2015 Bucs defense suck." Bortles has thrown touchdowns in every game, and has thrown multiple touchdowns in three of his last four games. He's also topped 273 yards in three of his last four games. With the two Allen on the ascent, and Julius Thomas returning, Bortles has plenty of weapons for sustained success. In fairness, he hasn't seen many good defenses, and a lot of his production has come in garbage time. And, he's dealing with a sprained shoulder, which could mitigate his prospects against against Houston this week. Blind bid recommendation: 15%.

Josh McCown – Inexplicably, Josh McCown just set the Browns all-time record for three-game yardage, after putting up 341, 356, and 457.  And his starting wide receivers are Travis Benjamin and Andrew Hawkins.  It's a stunning development, really.  There's got to be a catch, right?  Yep. He's played three pretty bad secondaries: Baltimore, San Diego, and Oakland.  He's thrown a crazy 51, 40 and 41 passes in the three games. And, next up, he faces (arguably) the two best defensive lines in football, Denver and St. Louis.  Also, he's dealing with an ankle injury, so watch his status this week. All signs point to a pretty significant dropoff for McCown, but he's earned his way onto rosters. Blind bid recommendation: 10%.

Teddy Bridgewater – Teddy's fantasy value has been zero this year, but that could change as his schedule takes a turn starting this week. He's a legitimate sleeper starter in the next three games against Kansas City, Detroit and Chicago. All three teams represent very favorable matchups for Bridgewater and the Vikings passing game. Blind bid recommendation: 1%.

RBs to Add

Charcandrick West – Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to type "Charc" and not roll into an "h" with the next letter? Can we just call him "Charch"? That would simplify things a lot for me.

Let's start by learning a bit about Charcandrick West.  He's a second-year player from tiny Abilene Christian, where he mowed through defenders.  He plays like a heavier version of Jamaal Charles, with a very complete tool kit.  He's got enough lateral speed to run wide. He's got enough straight line speed to pull away from defenders.  Footwork might be his best trait, as he makes himself a very difficult target with his shifting balance. West has very good hands, and frequently gets used on swing and screen passes.

Sounds impressive, right? And, if everything goes to plan, he will be. But, there are a lot of questions that he'll need to answer.  Can he pass block at this level? Will he fumble? Can he stay healthy?

We don't know the answer to those questions yet.  So, we've got to temper our expectations for West. Still, his upside is pretty mammoth on an offense that revolves around the skills of a pass-catching runner.  Blind bid recommendation: 60%.

Knile Davis – Charcandrick West gets the first crack at the starting job, but Knile Davis is expected to get use as well.  Davis has some explosiveness. But he doesn't have the same wiggle or burst that West has. Also, Davis fumbles too often.  Over the last two seasons, he's fumbled seven times in just 204 carries.  Blind bid recommendation: 20%.

Charles Sims – Coming off Doug Martin's explosive game last week, some people may not have noticed Charles Sims dependable role as the team's change of pace back. He broke off along catch-and-run last week for over 50 yards.  He's more than just a handcuff to Doug Martin. Blind bid recommendation: 5%.

Robert Turbin – Isaiah Crowell is averaging 3.9 yards per carry.  Duke Johnson is averaging 3.0 yards per carry.  Anyone with a pulse is going to get the opportunity to displace those two guys.  And, Robert Turbin has a pulse.  He's shown flashes of talent in his two years in Seattle, and could be the best runner on the Cleveland roster. He's nearly recovered from the nasty high ankle sprain he suffered in the preseason, and could see action as soon as this week. - Blind bid recommendation: 3%.

Buck Allen – Rookie Buck Allen has done absolutely nothing to distinguish himself. But for the moment, he appears to be the backup in case Justin Forsett's injury is more severe than we know. Blind bid recommendation: 1%.

WRs to Add

Willie Snead – I wrote about Willie Snead in this space last week, and if you picked him up, you saved yourself some money, because he's going to be a lot more expensive after his 141-yard day last Sunday. Blind bid recommendation: 20%.

Brandon LaFell – We got good news on Sunday about Brandon LaFell's recovery from his foot injury, with media reports that he's "on schedule".  LaFell worked out with the team in advance of the Cowboys game, and he appears likely to return when he gets off the PUP list in Week 7.  Roster him now, while he's still below the radar. Blind bid recommendation: 10%.

Jamison Crowder – I wrote about Crowder in this spot last week, so I won't waste a lot of time repeating my rationale.  Last Sunday he led the Redskins in receptions and yards, and as long as Jordan Reed and/or DeSean Jackson are out, Crowder is going to continue to be a big part of the Redskins offense. Blind bid recommendation: 5%.

TEs to Add

Gary Barnidge – This week, I'm seeing some people dismiss Gary Barnidge's game last Sunday due to the fluky between-the-legs reception he somehow nabbed.  But, even if you take that catch out of his stat line, he still posted 7-104-1.  On a team bereft of receiving options, Barnidge looks like he's going to remain a consistent target.  Over the past three weeks, he's been targeted 10, 6, and 12 times. Blind bid recommendation: 10%.

Crockett Gillmore – After missing a couple weeks with his calf injury, Gillmore could return this week, at which point he'll likely have a significant role in the offense. Blind bid recommendation: 5%.

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