Paul Charchian's Top Adds - Week 3

QBs to Add

Injuries to Tony Romo, Drew Brees and Jay Cutler will drive the price of free agent quarterbacks up this week.

Tyrod Taylor – Last Sunday, we saw the good and bad of Tyrod Taylor, as he threw three touchdowns and three interceptions. But the fact is, the kid isn't over his head, and his running ability allows him to break down plays.  This week, he'll face a Dolphins secondary that didn't play very well against the Jaguars. And, after that, he's got fair matchups with the Giants and Titans. Blind bidding recommendation: 15%.

Colin Kaepernick – You're going to see a lot of 49er games like the one last Sunday: a bad defense puts the 49ers offense into a position where they need to throw copiously.  And like last week, that's when Colin Kaepernick will be valuable. The 49ers quarterback if available in 21% of leagues. Blind bidding recommendation: 15%.

Andy Dalton – You could look past Andy Dalton's excellent game in Week 1 by pointing at the opponent, Oakland.  But, then on Sunday, he had an even better game, this time against a very good San Diego secondary.  Let's not confuse his postseason foibles with his regular season acumen.  Working against Dalton is a tough schedule featuring the Ravens, Chiefs, Seahawks, and Bills before his bye week. After that murderer's row, it's highly favorable, including in the fantasy playoffs. Blind bidding recommendation: 15%.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – I'm the world's number one Stew Beard apologist, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt.  I think he's a capable weekly starter, has proven by the fact that he's scored touchdowns in 13 of his last 14 games. He's scored multiple touchdowns in five of his past seven games. The schedule is pretty favorable for Fitzpatrick, as he faces the sagging Eagles secondary and then the Dolphins in London.  Blind bidding recommendation: 10%.

Derek Carr – There's a chance that we'll look back at Derek Carr's career, and point to last week's game as a defining moment.  He put up 350 yards the three touchdowns against a very good Baltimore secondary. That's a star performance.  And he faces Cleveland and Chicago the next two weeks, meaning his certainly startable for those in a pinch (I'm lookin' at you, Tony Romo owners). Blind bidding recommendation: 10%.

Jameis Winston – Winston looked a lot better in Week 2 than in Week 1, suggesting that he's got some long term upside with those great receivers of his. His next three opponents are all middle of the road: Houston, Carolina and Jacksonville. Blind bidding recommendation: 5%

Johnny Manziel – I don't know if Manziel is going to be the starter as soon as next week, but it's clear that he's dramatically improved from last year, and that he offers upside that Josh McCown doesn’t.  If he's going to keep starting, you can throw a flier on him, and hope for 1-2 passing scores, and a bunch of rushing yards. Blind bidding recommendation: 1%

RBs to Add

Matt Jones – After getting very little work in the opener, Matt Jones was electric last week. For a guy with his massive build, he has no business being so fast.  That's a key differentiator between Jones and Alfred Morris. Sadly, he's locked in a rotation with Morris, and that's not likely to change any time soon. Remember, Jay Gruden was reticent to change away from BJGE when it was clear that Gio was the better back. So, we'll keep our expectations in check, but that doesn't meant that you shouldn't pick up Jones. At some point the talent disparity between Jones and Morris may become too dramatic for Gruden to ignore. Blind bidding recommendation: 40%.

David Johnson – Despite minimal touches, David Johnson has scored three touchdowns in two games. So, sooner or later, Bruce Arians is going to have to give Johnson a bigger role. The fly in the ointment is the looming return of Andre Ellington. But the two backs are stylistically different, so they could co-exist.  Blind bidding recommendation: 20%.

Devonta Freeman – I don't think Freeman is much of a talent, but if Tevin Coleman is going to miss time, Freeman has some defacto fantasy value. Blind bidding recommendation: 5%.

WRs to Add

Torrey Smith – Torrey Smith was dropped in a lot of leagues after his quiet Week 1 (40% available), but with the Niners woefully behind throughout the Steelers loss, he got a lot of attention, totaling 120 yards and a score.  That scenario will playout often this year. Blind bidding recommendation: 20%.

Travis Benjamin – The Browns' wideout has gone berserk since Johnny Manziel took over, with three long bomb touchdowns.  The catch, though, is that he's not a consistent target, with just 3 and 4 throws his direction in the first two weeks.  That means he's a crazy all-or-nothing bet each week.  Blind bidding recommendation: 5%

TEs to Add

Jordan Reed – Through two games, Jordan Reed leads all Redskins in targets, receptions and receiving yards.  With DeSean Jackson out, Reed's role is gigantic. By now, you know how this works: Reed is terrific while healthy. He's currently (mostly) healthy.  Blind bidding recommendation: 20%.

Eric Ebron – I listed Eric Ebron here last week, and he's back this week after scoring again.  The former first rounder is a very big target, making him attractive near the goal line. Both of his touchdowns have come from in close. He's only owned in 60% of leagues. Blind bidding recommendation: 15%.

Crockett Gillmore – We know that the Ravens love to use their tight end.  Prior to Sunday, they didn't appear to have a solution at position, pending Maxx Williams earning more time. But, Crockett Gillmore looked awfully good while scoring multiple touchdowns, and he could fit into that spot going forward.  Blind bidding recommendation: 10%.

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